Writing biographies

Transcription of life histories

Through writing, you can immortalise a memory; through a life history, you can make your own story part of History itself. In these times of the global village, the web and scattered families, it is important to keep family histories alive: the unique character of a grandparent, memories that have made history what it is, and small stories that interweave with the big picture.

biographie récit de vie

In order to keep the most colourful and charming memories of your father, mother or grandparents alive, why not use a life history? A personal report embellished with photographs or illustrations is a great idea, depending your preferences.

You may be a woman or man with notable professional achievements, why not delight your family and friends by allowing them to get to know you better?

Personalise the story with your own comments and your photo album of memories, and make it come alive while bringing clarity to your “reports”.

Vos mots, ma plume lends a listening ear to help you formulate your thoughts with just the right words.

How it works : following our conversations, your story will take shape gradually until your book can be produced.

Basic price:€40/hr, or €160 for one hour of recording, which corresponds to 3 hours of transcription. Editing prices are extra, depending on how you choose to proceed.