Article 1 : Quote

All orders will be the subject of a free quote describing the service requested. This quote will include the delivery deadline, a description of the service, the price, any travel costs, and the terms and conditions of sale.

Article 2 : Order

If the client signs the quote with the statement “bon pour accord” (agreed), he or she is committed for 1 month and the quote will be used as proof of the agreement between the two parties. The client commits to providing all the documents that the writer requires to carry out the work. The quote does not include delivery fees or travel costs beyond a 15 km radius around Lunel Viel. A supplement of €0.50/km will be applied for any travel that is required beyond 15 km.

All orders will include a 30% advance payment.

Article 3 : Deadline and delivery of the work

The deadline is specified in the quote, so the work will be carried out within the time allowed.

However, if a major impediment occurs (illness, family issue or other problem), Vos Mots Ma Plume reserves the right to extend the deadline by up to one week, while keeping the client informed. In this case, no compensation may be demanded. No compensation may be requested in cases of force majeure (interruption in internet network service, hacking, postal strike, any other exceptional event that is beyond its control).

Article 4 : Prices, invoice and payment

– Prices are not fixed and may therefore be revised without any explanation. However, the prices specified in the agreed quote will not be modified.

All services will be invoiced in a bill sent by post, unless the client expressly requests otherwise. The amount will be modified if there are shipping or travel costs beyond the 15 km radius around Lunel Viel (see article 2). The price invoiced will be the one that appears in the agreed quote, and is valid for 1 month. If the work is modified, an amendment to the quote will be provided.

– Payment will be made in 3 stages. 30% with the order, when the quote is signed. 35% with the first delivery, and the remaining 35% when the work is completed. The client may pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Article 5 : Right to withdraw

– Any cancellation by one or other of the parties must be made by recorded delivery letter within 10 working days after the quote has been signed, for work which requires longer than 3 weeks. Any payment that has already been made will be returned within 7 days after the recorded delivery letter has been received. In the case of an urgent request, all completed work must be paid for.

– Any cancellation by the client fewer than 15 days before the planned delivery date in the quote will be null and void. If the client wishes to modify the work, the quote will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Article 6: Client responsibility

– The client is entirely responsible for the truthfulness of the data supplied in the time frame specified in the quote, in order for the service to be provided. If there is a delay in supplying this data, Vos Mots, Ma Plume may grant an extension to the deadline for the delivery of this work, but may not cancel the contract signed by the two parties.

– The client will verify that digital data are usable in complete safety (incompatibility, conversions of software files, malfunctions in Internet network). In the case of material contamination (virus), the consequences will be invoiced to the client.

– The client is responsible for providing the data necessary to complete the work and commits to owning a copy of the documents it provides. These will be returned to the client at the end of the service.

Article 7 : Non-obligation of result

Vos Mots, Ma Plume is bound by an obligation of means not an obligation of results. If the responsibility of the service provider were to be engaged, it would be strictly limited to the amount of the order and not to the consequences of the work.

Article 8 : Property

The work and copyright remain the property of the service provider until complete payment has been made. When the work has been paid in full and from the date when the document(s) has been received by the client, Vos Mots, Ma Plume concedes all copyright, or in the case of publication with large circulation, author copyright will be covered in the contract signed by both parties.

Article 9 : Law and litigation

In the case of litigation, the signature of the quote, the copy of completed work and the aforementioned terms and conditions will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Montpellier, which will be the only competent authorities, no matter where the delivery has been made.